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Competitive Compensation & Total Rewards

Ensuring that an organization has a competitive compensation strategy is an important facet of attracting and retaining talented individuals.  Through reviewing what your organization has to offer and conducting comprehensive market and benefit analysis Sterling Human Resources can help you achieve your goals.


Finding the right individual for the right role at the right time can prove to be a challenge.  Recruitment is one part art, and one part behavioural science.  Sterling will listen carefully to your business requirements and will find the professional you are looking for!  Throughout the years, we have successfully recruited candidates ranging from front line positions to the executive suite.

Training & Development

Seminars Include; 
Respectful Culture 

A successful workplace culture is an inclusive and respectful one.  Do your managers know their responsibilities in terms of reporting and responding to issues of harassment, sexual harassment, workplace violence and bullying?    Respectful Culture will give your leadership the knowledge they need to minimize the financial, legal and turnover costs associated with having a culture lacking respect.

Succession Planning

Hiring For Success

Reducing employee turnover begins with the hiring process.  Does your organization put it’s best foot forward during the recruitment process?  Are managers aware of what they can and cannot ask a candidate during an interview?  Are questions designed to draw out key candidate competencies?  Are references seen as a tool to avoid making a bad hire?  Hiring for Success will provide managers with the skills they need to hire the best person for the job!

Employee Separation

Do you have an inventory of your team’s knowledge, skills and abilities? 

Retention Strategies

Do you struggle with retaining key staff members?  We can review your retention needs and propose a plan to enhance your retention.

Enhancing Performance Using Documented Conversations

Performance management is an important facet of enhancing staff morale, retaining key employees, increasing productivity and minimizing risk.  Are your managers reluctant to have timely, yet difficult conversations with staff?  Properly executed coaching, counselling and disciplinary discussions can enhance productivity and protect your organization from legal issues, disability claims and unnecessary turnover.  

Development Feedback and Goal Setting 

Does your management team complete development or performance appraisals on a regular basis?  Employees can make changes in their behaviour given the opportunity, the old adage “they don’t know what they don’t know,” holds true with employee performance. Do you set meaningful, SMART goals with your teams, then measure their development progress? 

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