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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."  • Henry Ford

Tina Young, BA, CHPR

Tina is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources with 18 years of experience including 7 years as an HR Director.  She helps organizations realize their performance expectations through strategic continual improvements in the development of its people and processes.

Throughout her career, she has recruited positions from the front line to the executive office, set up benefits and compensation programs, developed strategic plans, implemented HR infrastructure, managed employment issues, conducted investigations, improved processes, ensured legislative compliance and provided guidance to senior leadership.

She has delivered practical solutions in sectors including; engineering, heavy industrial construction, fabrication, not-for-profit and hospitality.  Her qualifications include an HR Management Certificate and Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Alberta.  

Tina enjoys volunteering in the community and spending quality time with her family and friends travelling, camping, kayaking and skiing.

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Our 3 "P" Approach 


People are the foundation of a successful organization.  Success begins with finding key talent, ensuring that compensation and benefits are competitive, investing in staff development and ensuring the competence, safety and effectiveness of teams.  When employees know that they are valued in an organization, they will bring their best!


Through ensuring good practices, policies and processes are in place, Sterling will work with you to strengthen your administrative work environment.


Setting and achieving individual and company strategic goals is critical to ensuring an organizations success.  Progress measurement is essential to ensure that an organization is continually moving forward, yet adjusting course as needed.  

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